Seviyan Kheer

Kheer is one of the most loved indian desserts. No cakes and sweets can beat our traditional kheers. My mom and aunts still prepares only kheer or some halwa if we ask for something meetha. Whenever I organise a dinner party at home, this is the only dessert I serve as its quick to whip up and loved by all. Serve it warm or chilled, seviyan kheer is the perfect dessert to end a complete indian meal. Me and my husband, we both prefer it chilled so I refrigerate it for a few hours before serving. 

I make this kheer using thin seviyan which is easily availble in the market and not vermicelli. You can use vermicelli as well if you are ok with it. You will always find some roasted seviyan in my kitchen. These days roasted ones are easily available in the market also. If you have it handy, then this kheer will be ready in a few minutes, without any fuss. I made it today for dinner and thought of making a post as well. I am going to serve it with plain tikoni (triangle) parathas 😋 


3 1/4 Cups milk
3/4 Cup roasted seviyan
1/3 to 1/2 Cup sugar
1 1/2 Tsp powdered green cardamom (elaichi)


In a pan, bring milk to boil and add roasted seviyan. Keep the flame low and cook for 7 to 10 minutes. The kheer will be thick by now. Now add cardamom powder, mix well and switch off the flame. Add sugar. Mix well. Let it cool and serve chilled.

I divided the kheer into two parts, added sugar in one part and jaggery in another. The kheer with jaggery tastes equally good.


* If you want to add dry fruits (almonds, cashwes, raisins) then add them two minutes after adding the seviyan. Make sure they are roasted or fried in a little ghee. 

* I have used fresh cows milk, boiled and cream removed. 

* If you do not have roasted seviyan, then roast it with little ghee in low flame till they turn light brown in color and add to the kheer.

* You can add kesar (saffron) as well if you like the flavor. Soak a few strands in a tablespoon if warm milk and add it to the kheer after switching off the flame. 


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