Mango lassi


I bought some organic mangoes this weekend. Some?? Hmm actually 5 kgs to be specific. 😉 Its difficult to get some good mangoes in Hyderabad and we are lucky enough to get it this time. The mangoes are absolutely yum. I just love making beverages using mangoes and my husband likes eating mangoes. So we especially bought some over riped mangoes to make lassi, milkshake etc.

The first thing I made after buying those mangoes was mango lassi. Its a perfect soothing drink to beat the summer heat. Its creamy and so heavenly, one of the best ways to use over riped mangoes and having curd. I like my lassi to be yellow in color but not all the mangoes gives a good color. If you want a good yellow color of the lassi, its better to use mangoes which has bright yellow pulp. I have used dasheri mangoes, pulp of which has a bright color. It gives a perfect color after its blended with curd.


I don’t like using cardamom powder, dry fruits or saffron. I like my lassi plain and simple. I also prefer using sugar and not honey. I don’t use any cream. You can add all of these in your lassi if you want to. I also love adding some chopped small cubes of mango to the lassi after its ready. Bits of mango pulp hitting your palate makes the lassi even more delicious 😍 This is totally optional but why would you want to skip it? 😉

I know everyone is aware of the recipe still sharing here the way I make it 🙂


1 cup mango pulp
1 cup curd
Milk to get the desired consistency
Sugar to taste
Chopped mango cubes of one small mango


Blend curd, mango pulp and sugar together. Check the consistency and add milk accordingly. Blend nicely again.
Once blended well, add the chopped mangoes to the lassi and using a spoon, just mix them together. Pour in a serving glass/bowl, garnish with some chopped mangoes and serve chilled.

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Banana oats smoothie


I hate summers 👿 Hyderabad is super hot these days, its difficult to even step into the balcony, forget going out 😣 Cooking has also become very difficult, can’t keep the doors and windows open even in the morning because of hot air. The weather will remain like this or even worse for the next two months. So I have decided to make some easy and quick breakfast now and this smoothie is one of them. I do the main preparation at night, and just blend everything together in the morning and serve. A No fuss easy smoothie which keeps you full till lunch time. Its super healthy and you can adjust everything as per your taste. I am explaining the way I do it below. I use chilled milk and curd to make it. Please feel free to alter every ingredient as per your own preference.

I took some 3/4 cup of oats and added 1 cup of boiled and cooled (cream removed) milk to it. Kept the mixture inside the fridge over night. Next day in the morning, blended this mixture along with honey, one banana, half cup of curd and some more milk in the blender. Thats it!!

You can use sugar instead of honey. Overnight soaking of oats gives a very creamy smooth texture. You can also add some dry fruits to it, soak them along with oats and milk overnight. You can also use soya milk or almond milk.

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