Know Me

First of all, A warm welcome to my blog ☺

I got married in 2013, had to quit my job as I moved to a different city (Hyderabad) with my husband. Being a housewife is not easy especially when people around keeps reminding you the same (not in a good tone) but somehow I never got affected with these things. I am perfectly fine with the ‘housewife’ tag and absolutely love my lifeπŸ˜‡

I am basically very chilled out and love chit chatting. After marriage, I started to experience a new life altogether, found a new passion – cooking, seriously I never thought I would enjoy cooking so much πŸ˜‡ Sadly my husband is not a foodie , but the best thing about him is he always appreciates my efforts and encourages me to experiment with recipes :mrgreen: Got a microwave as a wedding gift and then started my experiments with breads, cookies and cakes. For me, Cooking and Baking is a way to bond with family and friends, acts as great stress buster and gives me a lot of satisfaction 😚 Cooking is something which I guess I have enjoyed doing from a very young age.

After shifting to Hyderabad, I joined a few food groups on Facebook. I was a new bie in cooking and baking, and these groups helped me a lot. I am quite active in those food groups, the appreciations I get from the recipes I post there is quite over whelming. It motivates me a lot. Not only this, I get to learn new things everyday and that keeps me going. My husband, his friends and a few friends I have made from the food groups keeps telling me to write a blog. People say I explain the recipes very nicely which makes it easy to follow. So I finally decided to pen down all my experiences and experiment with cooking/baking in my blog. I click the pictures from my phone and I am quite satisfied as well 😁

With my husband’s support, I have recently started making baked goodies on order (check out my Facebook page) and now this blog. God has been very kind to us and I thank him for everything πŸ˜‡ I receive many messages from people who requests recipe. It sometimes gets difficult to share an old recipe when someone asks for it. So this blog is my humble effort to keep a track on all the recipes.

My Husband is a vegetarian but do eat eggs and I am a non vegetarian :mrgreen: I don’t cook non veg at home. Initially I didn’t use eggs in my bakes but now I do as many people requests cakes with egg. So you can expect all vegetarian dishes here in my blog, some egg-less bakes and some with eggs. The recipes will be easy to make with the ingredients easily available in the kitchen. I have learnt cooking from my mom, my sister and this world wide web πŸ™‚ All my recipes are tried and tested several times in my kitchen and oven.

A lot of effort goes in before publishing any recipes here. Please do not copy the content or the pictures without giving the due credit.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and Thank you so much for stopping by ☺


P.S: I earlier had a blog (MssKitchen) which I had to delete due to some errors. I will be posting recipes from that blog as well here along with the new ones πŸ™‚