Back in action- Intro post

Hello people,

This is Monika, the face behind this blog 😉

I know most of you must have forgotten me. I don’t blame you guys, I was completely away from this space for almost 3 years now. I was expecting and stopped blogging a month before I delivered my little baby boy, Rahyl. He is 2.5 year old and I spent all my time with him. No regrets at all, we both needed each other.

I might not be active here but I have been very active on Instagram all this while. I share bits and pieces of our daily life on my Instagram profile. He started going to playschool after he turned two and I started featuring his snack box on my page. I call it #RahylKaDabba (a few pictures below) and this gave me a lot of motivation to get back to food blogging.

I have loved every bit of my motherhood and now I’m slowly trying to get back to the things that I love. I get almost one hour on weekdays to do all the writing and posting things. Lets see if I will be able to do it at all or not. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Dal Lauki chilla

I am posting a recipe on my blog after a really long gap. Now that I am mother of a 2.5 year old boy, time is a big factor in everything that I do. I get very limited time everyday to actually cook and click pictures. Hence I will not be giving measurements of each ingredient as its very time consuming but will try my best to explain in the easiest way possible. Still incase you have any doubt, please feel free message me on Facebook or Instagram or drop in your comments below. I hope you guys understand this. Since i have just started blogging again, it would take me a while to get the hang of the entire thing. I have already shared this recipe on my Instagram page along with a video (which I will be sharing on my facebook page as well), just copying the recipe from there. Once I am able to sort everything, I will start giving measurements for all the ingredients as well.

Now let me talk about the recipe. So while doing the Diwali cleaning this year, I got my hands on my recipe diary.. The diary was a gift from one of my dear friends, I turned it into a recipe diary as I didn’t have a smart phone back then in 2013 🙈 Blackberry ka without camera phone tha mere paas (I still have that phone).. Khair, back to the point.. I found this amazing recipe written there and made it for us.. Turned out very delicious.
The recipe is easy to follow and healthy at the same time.


Equal amount of yellow moong and chana dal
Grated or chopped lauki
green chilli (skip for little ones)
salt to taste
Cumin seeds
Turmeric powder


Wash and soak both the dals in water overnight if making for breakfast.
Next morning take all the ingredients (except jeera and salt) in a mixer grinder and blend it to a fine paste. Do not to add any water while blending, lauki will do the trick. Now take the paste in a big bowl, add salt (skip for babies under one), jeera and turmeric powder. Mix really nicely. Check the consistency of the batter, add water if needed. And make chillas out of it. Use ghee to roast the chillas and serve it with some chutney.


* I took half cup moong dal, half cup chana dal and almost one and a half cup of grated lauki. You can use one cup grated lauki as well.

* I prepared the batter in two batches. Added green chillies to the 2nd batch. Mixed both the batches after making 2 chillas for Rahyl from the first batch.

* Once you spread the batter on a tawa, cover and cook one side. Flip and cook other side without covering.

* I missed adding coriander leaves. You can add it while blending the dals.

Try it out and let me know. Share the pictures with me on my Facebook page. You can also follow me on Instagram for a lot more recipes and snack box ideas for little ones 🙂